Monday, March 11, 2013

Oh, Amybug!

Recently, Todd and I were driving down the freeway.  There was a BMW in front of us, and the driver was not going particularly fast.  This annoys me, clearly.  I glanced at her license plate, and noticed it was, of course, of the vanity variety.  It read:  AMYBUG.

Todd and I had fun with this, of course, because sometimes, it's the only way to cope, when the person in front of you chooses to go 45 MPH down the interstate, and there is no good way to pass said person, because EVERYONE BEHIND YOU, is passing you, and the offending vehicle.

Thanks, Amybug.

Our conversation went a little something like this:  "So, do you think this car was a gift from Amybug's Dad, or boyfriend?"

"Oh, totally the boyfriend.  she probably calls him: Doodleywootz.

"Their conversations probably went something like this:  'Oh, Amybug, you are the light of my life.  Let's go to the Olive Garden, and have a culinary tour of Italy.'

'Oh Doodleywootz, you know me so well!  That sounds fantastic!'

'Oh, Amybug, after that, we should plan our trip to Sea World!  I want to gaze into your eyes lovingly, and see the aquarium waves, reflected in your eyes.  It will be so culturally enriching, and amazing.'

'Oh, Doodleywootz, you romantic fool, you!'"

"Whoa.  You got all of that from a license plate?"